Trails I like

Walkway over the Hudson

We’re lucky to have the Walkway over the Hudson, which is the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the world. It was formerly a railroad bridge and after decades, was made into a walkway. It’s all concrete, but the views are beautiful.

Dutchess Rail Trail

I frequently walk on these paved trails. It’s easy to do miles without realizing it! This rail trail extends to the Walkway over the Hudson and into the Hudson Valley Rail Trail.

Vassar Farm and Ecological Reserve

This is a popular spot to walk dogs, bike, and run. A football field is also located here, as well as some community farming plots. A map of trails can be found here.

Roosevelt Farm Lane Trail

This trail is popular with runners and bikers. It’s not a true “trail,” in my opinion, as the hilltops are paved. You can read more about it here.

Val-Kill Loop Trail

This is truly a dirt (mud!) trail with lots of hills. Val-Kill is Eleanor Roosevelt’s home. You can read about it here.

There are more trails in Hyde Park, New York, and the surrounding areas. You can see them here.


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