Saturday, September 21

I took another break yesterday–to explain: I commute over 2 hours a day to work. By Friday I’m usually exhausted. The traffic from the highway to my home seems to be getting more and more dense with cars. Frankly, I was more interested in going to the weekly wine tasting at the spirits store down the street than in running! I bought a nice bottle of white that I will post about later.

Anyways, I ran this morning. It was beautiful, and in the high 50s (Fahrenheit). I began with a 7 minute 15 second walk; ran for 7 minutes, 45 seconds; walked 3 minutes; ran for 7 minutes, 45 seconds; then walked home for a total of 30 minutes, 45 seconds.

Run time: 15.5 minutes

Walk time: 15.25 minutes