Tuesday, August 20 (also the day I think I’m really crazy)

So yesterday I really wasn’t feeling well. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  So I figured I would take the day off from running, except that I found out I would be busy Wednesday evening. I also knew I might not be able to run on Friday, so I decided what the hell? I went out and I was fine for the first half of the run, but not the second half. I literally ran until I got home and got to the bathroom. Does anyone else do this to themselves?

So this is what I think I did:

7 minutes walking; 4.75 minutes running;  45 seconds walking; 4.5 minutes running; 1 minute walk; 4.5 minute run; 1 minute walk; run all the way home. I think I had a total of 29 minutes or so.

Run time: 19 minutes 15 seconds

Walk time: 9 minutes 45 seconds