Sesame Edamame Salad {Packed Lunch Edition}

Here is another great gluten-free suggestion for lunch from Dinner of Herbs, which is a really delightful blog! Edamame is packed with protein. I hope you enjoy it!

Dinner of Herbs

Sesame Edamame Salad  Dinner of Herbs

My favourite colour is red cabbage.

Ok, it could have a prettier name, but I do not think it could have a prettier appearance.  I have to confess that I took more pictures of the red cabbage than I did of my salad, while photographing this recipe.  My inexperience and lack of photographic knowledge and skill meant that very few of these pictures turned out nicely, but I cannot blame the red cabbage.  It was a beautiful, flawless subject.


red cabbage and carrots

Fortunately, the food portion of this post turned out delightful.  If I could improve one thing, I would have made a homemade dressing.  However, using up my store-bought light sesame dressing was much easier and quite tasty, so I have very little regrets.  Besides, part of my intentions for the Packed Lunch Series is to use easy-to-make healthy dishes that can be thrown together quickly to take to work or school…

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