Saturday, May 30

So, I have read most of Jeff Galloway’s book on the Run Walk Run (R/W/R) method.

 I stink at taking photos with my phone!

I stink at taking photos with my phone!

Frankly, it was like reading Latin, so I Googled it instead and came up with this explanation.

Today I was tired and weary, and it was hot out (although not very humid), so I though I’d try one of the R/W/R methods.

I went out around 4.20 p.m. It is partly cloudy, 85°F, with a humidity of 54 percent, a dewpoint of 70°F, a heat index of 90°F, and winds SSW 11 mph with gusts to 19 mph.

I walked for 3 minutes;
ran for 3 minutes; walked 1 minute (7 times);
ran for 4 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 38.5 minutes (and 3.11 miles according to MapMyRun, which I don’t think is very accurate).

Run time: 25 minutes

Walk time: 13.5 minutes

We’ll see how this goes. I think I may just switch it up a little – do a different R/W/R tomorrow, and then do a usual half hour run the following day.

Happy weekend!