Sunday, June 30


Here in New York State, we had a wonderfully sunny morning. Then as I was cleaning the pool (belonging to a relative who lives close by–lucky me!), I thought I heard thunder. It started around 1 pm. By the time I had cleaned the pool, and taken one dip, the clouds and thunder arrived and it was time to leave. We had some torrential rain! And yet, I wanted to go running. Of course, runners ARE crazy, but I did miss a lot of last week and I wanted to get back into it because it makes me feel good.

So tonight after the sun peaked out (it still rained all through my routine, though!), I did 8 minutes of walking / 3 minutes run / 1.5 minute walk / 3 minutes run / 1.5 minute walk / 3 minutes run / 1.5 minute walk /  3 minutes run / walk to end = 29 minutes total.  I’m sure people thought I was nuts exercising through the rain, but I don’t care!

Run/jog time = 12 minutes

Walk time = 17 minutes

I was hoping also because I decided to run on the sidewalks that my foot wouldn’t hurt as much. It’s my old somewhat hilly routine, and I think I might go back to it if my foot feels better on it. It’s a more varied surface, whereas my “new” routine had my left foot on a more sloping part of the road. We’ll see, I guess!