Oracle of the Stars Pinotage 2013

I’ve been behind on posting about wine, which is why I’m doubling up! LOL

2014-04-15 18.24.13

This wine, from South Africa, is insanely good. What makes it good is its unique taste–you’ll either love it or hate it. It has notes of chocolate and coffee (although I hate saying “it has notes of….” for any wine, it’s true in this case). Unfortunately I could not find a URL at the vineyard’s website (Stellenbosch Vineyards) and the “wine of origin” is Western Cape. Maybe you’ll have more luck than I!

Six Hats Pinotage


Another great medium-bodied red wine from South Africa. Truly a light version of Pinot Noir! I couldn’t find their website, but the Six Hats twitter feed can be found here.