Pizza Pasta with Peppers

This is a really yummy recipe from a great blog, Dinner of Herbs. One could just use gluten-free pasta instead of regular!

Dinner of Herbs

Pizza Pasta with Peppers | Dinner of Herbs

Who says pizza cannot be a part of a fancy meal?

That person is wrong.  So is the person who says pizza cannot be healthy!


To be honest, I was a little concerned that this would turn out a little dry, but it turned out quite nicely.  I attribute the success to the fresh, ripe, juicy tomatoes that I used.  Pre-crisped turkey pepperoni, along with some herbs, gave this meal a very satisfying flavour.  The tiny bit of vinegar also ensured that the meal had just the right amount of tang.  Melty mozzarella held together the al dente pasta, the soft tomatoes, the crispy pepperoni, and the crunchy bell peppers.


This dish also held up wonderfully as leftovers; however, it almost did not survive to become leftovers, since it was so tasty!

The Recipe


1 c (dry) whole wheat penne

turkey pepperoni slices*, halved

2 beefsteak tomatoes

2 oz…

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