Sunday, January 19

I don’t know if I’m stupid or crazy.

1. I have a colonoscopy on Tuesday, which means I can’t eat real food tomorrow, which means I can’t run.

2. I had a migraine coming on yesterday and couldn’t take my regular medication (see no. 1). My mom gave me something her doctor gave her for the exact same reason (getting migraines before colonoscopies and not able to take NSAIDs). So I took one this morning. It made me feel better (not 100% better, but better).

3. I went running even though my throat is still throbbing and achy (I won’t go into my migraine travails).

I did take a bath afterward, which did help a bit. I usually submerge my head and that helps with the pain some.

Anyways, I walked for 5 minutes; ran (slowly) for 9.25 minutes; walked for 3 minutes; ran for 9.25 minutes; then walked home for a total of 3o minutes.

Run time: 18.5 minutes

Walk time: 11.5 minutes

As a hypoglycemic, I’m expecting to get another migraine tomorrow or Tuesday. Oh joy.

P.S. Colon cancer runs in the family, and since I have celiac disease, it’s usually prudent for me to get one even though I’m not over 50 years old. At least after this I won’t need another one for 5 years!