Tuesday, September 1 (or, how I skipped 3 days)

Since I had traversed nearly 14 miles (excluding mechanized transportation) in the 24 hours spanning Thursday and Friday, I decided to take a break on Saturday.

Sunday my family went out to eat for my uncle’s birthday at 1.30 p.m. Soon it began to rain. Not only that, but the meal was so filling! I ended up not running that day, either.

Monday (yesterday) I went kayaking with my friends. We did a similar route as last time, except it was 3.2 miles. We crossed the Hudson River and saw not one but TWO bald eagles! They are so big! One of them was in the top of a tree, and we were looking at him, and he was looking down at us. I think he enjoyed the attention! LOL Anyways, we went into the Black Creek again, where it rained. Fortunately there was a low bridge back there. The neat thing is that when it initially began to sprinkle, all these little bubbles appeared on the creek where the rain fell! The sun came out again, and we kayaked to Esopus Island and swam there for an hour or so. Unfortunately, despite being very careful where I stepped, I still nicked my ankle on the stone that makes up the island and had to put ice on it later. Despite that, it was a great day! I was really tired, because even though the river appeared calm, the current was really strong, and we were kayaking against it. Needless to say, I didn’t run!

Today I went out around 5.10 p.m. It was sunny and 83°F, with a humidity of 54 percent, a dew point of 65°F, and a heat index of 85°F.

I walked for 2 minutes,
ran for 38 minutes,
then walked back for a total of 42 minutes.

Run time: 38 minutes

Walk time: 4 minutes


Thursday, August 27

I went kayaking this morning on the Hudson River, but I don’t have any mileage info (Edit: We did 3.65 miles). We crossed the Hudson and saw a huge golden eagle at the entrance to the Black Creek! Wowee! We also saw a barge carrying a freaking huge beam for the new Tappan Zee Bridge construction south of us, in Westchester County.

I went out today around 4.45 p.m. It was mostly cloudy and 75°F, with a humidity of 58 percent, a dew point of 59°F, and a heat index of 77°F.

I walked for 2 minutes,
ran for 38 minutes,
then walked back for a total of 43 minutes.

Run time: 38 minutes

Walk time: 5 minutes

Wednesday, August 12

Yesterday it was raining and/or thundering and lightning, so I didn’t get to go out. This was okay – I had planned to take the day off.

I had NOT planned on taking today off, though! We went kayaking on Rondout Creek, beginning near the Hudson River and going west. We ended up kayaking a round trip of 4.2 miles. And since my kayak is really a starter, kids’ kayak, I was continuously rowing! So tired! But we did see a bald eagle on the way back – that was so worth it! I wish I could have taken a picture for y’all to see!