Sunday, March 2

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been on a run. We had so much snow that I couldn’t run where I live because it’s too icy. Even the weekend that we had the “meltdown” didn’t help. I had to spend that weekend getting rid of the ice and snow from the front walkway and porch so we could use our front door again.

Today I went running at our local college’s farm. They have a trail that’s popular with runners and dog owners (I often walk my dog there). I walked for 5 minutes; ran for 9 minutes; walked for 3 minutes; ran for 9 minutes (albeit very slowly!), then walked back to my car for a total of 32 minutes.

Run time: 18 minutes

Walk time: 14 minutes

It’s supposed to snow tonight (though not as much as they were saying earlier in the week!) and I’m expecting to take a day off tomorrow anyways to rest my legs. Hopefully I’ll be getting back in the groove, if not this week, then next after Daylight Savings Time (my favorite time of year!) is back!

P.S. I can’t believe I failed to mention this: I also fell on my lower right backside–pretty painful! Couldn’t run with that. It was so painful that my lower left backside began hurting from overcompensating! It’s much better now.