Sunday, March 9

So I’m loving daylight savings time! I got up early, did some things, and then … took a nap. Until 12 noon. Ah well!

I went running again at the very muddy local college’s farm. Same story: Walked for 5 minutes; ran for 9 minutes; walked for 3 minutes; ran much more slowly for 9 minutes; walked to car for a total of 30 minutes, 45 seconds.

Run time: 18 minutes

Walk time: 12 minutes, 45 seconds

I guess I’ll just run every other day (hopefully for only a week) until I “get back into the groove.”

I hope that some of you are enjoying the late day brightness!

Saturday, November 2

I’m terrible. I let my love of our new kittens (5-6 months old) overshadow my love of running (and during the last week of daylight savings time, too!). Every day I rushed home to get to these little guys.

But anyways, I digress. I was determined to run today even though it was a beautiful day that quickly turned dark and wet. Fortunately it only sprinkled during my run.

I began with a 6 minute 45 second walk; ran for 8 minutes, 15 seconds; walked for 3 minutes; ran for 8 minutes; walked home for a total of 30 minutes, 30 seconds.

Run time: 16 minutes, 15 seconds

Walk time: 14 minutes, 15 seconds