My running plan

Dagny Scott, Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running: The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance (Rodale Press, 2000, first edition). Cover copyright by Rodale Press.

I’m using the running plan suggested in this book to get back into running. It’s a 6-week schedule that takes a runner from a walk and run mixture to fully running (using a 30-minute workout) in 6 weeks. It differs from the other “couch potato to runner” plans in that there’s a lot of more walking, and it doesn’t matter how far one goes. The book also provides intermediate and advanced workouts for runners who would like to run races. It’s a very comprehensive book on a subject that was little written about when I first began running as a teenager.

Update: I just got this wonderful book from Amazon: Scott Douglas’s The Little Red Book of Running (Skyhorse Publishing). It really is a gem!


3 thoughts on “My running plan

    • I’m finding that running now (for me) is much more different than when I was young and running on cross-country! My friends keep saying, “Aren’t you worried about your knees?” Frankly, I’m worried about staying sane and running seems to be the only thing that helps! Once I actually get back into 30 minutes of running, I plan on entering a few 5Ks. You inspire me!

  1. My favorite book is out of print, “Zap! You’re a Runner!” I still use it to motivate me. But I’m going to look at that Runner’s World book. I sue their articles and training plans. 🙂

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