Saturday, June 24

I finally went to the gastroenterologist, who is doing several tests on me (including drawing 5 vials of blood and scheduling 2 types of breath tests). Hopefully I’ll get this GI issue straightened out – it’s severely impacted my running, because I don’t know when I’ll need to go to the bathroom.

I have been walking, hiking, and swimming when I’m able, so I haven’t been lolling about. I’ve also decided to change my strategy of getting back into running to something I did when I was younger – I’ll go for smaller runs and work up.

I went out around 5.45 p.m. It was sunny and 84°F, with a humidity of 32 percent, a dew point of 51°F, and winds WNW at 10 mph.

I walked for 4 minutes,
ran for 6 minutes,
then walked home for a total of 13 minutes.

Run time: 6 minutes

Walk time: 7 minutes

I’m running pretty slowly, and walking slowly as well. Hopefully this will work for me, since it seems as if I can’t exercise for more than 20 minutes without needing a toilet.


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