Monday, January 9

Well, I admit it – I was lazy yesterday. And tired. And I had a headache. And it was so nice and warm on my couch as I watched the Star Trek reboot movies (nerd note: I love the original series [TOS], ST: TNG [Star Trek: The Next Generation], and the old and new movies), and I thought, “Surely tomorrow will be warmer!” Hehe, I was so wrong!

Anyways – I went out around 2.10 p.m. It was mostly cloudy and 19°F, with a humidity of 49 percent, a dew point of 5°F, and winds S at 5 mph (wind chill of 14°F).

I walked for 2 minutes,
ran for 31 minutes,
then walked home for a total of 34 minutes.

Run time: 31 minutes

Walk time: 3 minutes

P.S. The new shoes are AWESOME!


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