Tuesday, December 20

I went out around 2.30 p.m. It was partly cloudy and 30°F, with a humidity of 41 percent, a dew point of 9°F, and winds SSW at 6 mph (wind chill of 23°F).

I thought I had dressed warmly – and I did – but I probably should have worn my neck guard, which I can pull up over my mouth! Fortunately the wind wasn’t so bad. It was the people who didn’t shovel that was annoying. We got around 5 inches of snow on Saturday, but about one-third to one-half of it melted in the ensuing 24 hours. Then you get the dreaded “warm up/melt” during the day and “cold/ice” at night. Also, I hate running in the road when there’s a sidewalk – mostly because people around here seem to drive without paying attention – but sometimes you can’t avoid it.

I walked for 2 minutes,
ran for 28 minutes,
then walked home for a total of 31 minutes.

Run time: 28 minutes

Walk time: 3 minutes

At least it’s not snowing! 😀

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