Friday, August 19

So, this wasn’t a very good week for running! I ran on Tuesday, but then didn’t sleep well Tuesday night. Wednesday, after going to work in the morning, I had to work on repairing my PC all day. It crashed over the weekend and seemed hopeless, but thanks to a friend I was able to get it back up and running! Anyways, after than I was exhausted and didn’t go out running.

Thursday (August 17) I went for a walk with my friend. We walked for about an hour.

Today I went out around 6.20 p.m. I was tired after working all day, but I was determined to get out there, even though I really didn’t want to go running! It was sunny and 77°F, with a humidity of 50 percent, a dew point of 57°F, and a heat index of 79°F.

I walked for 2 minutes;
ran for 33 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 37 minutes.

Run time: 33 minutes

Walk time: 4 minutes

As I’ve always said (long before the Internet existed), 90 percent of the battle in running is getting your foot out the door!

Have a great weekend everyone!




Looking forward to your thoughts!

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