Wednesday, June 10

Today I went running at the Roosevelt Farm Lane Trail. This trail connects FDR’s residence and Val-Kill (Eleanor Roosevelt’s residence). This time I entered across from FDR’s residence (I usually enter across from Val-Kill). You can also see this info on my page, “Trails I like.”

Farm Lane Trail entrance

I went around 2.10 p.m. It was mostly sunny and 81°F with a humidity of 46 percent and a dewpoint of 58°F. Thankfully, most of the trail is in the shade; insect repellent is a must.

I walked for 3 minutes;
ran for 10 minutes; walked for 1 minute;
ran for 10 minutes; walked for 1 minute;
ran for 11 minutes;
then walked back for a total of 39 minutes.

Run time: 31 minutes

Walk time: 8 minutes

Here’s some pictures on the way back to the parking lot.

Roosevelt Farm Lane Trail

Roosevelt Farm Lane Trail


Stream flowing south

Stream flowing north

Stream flowing north

Stream flowing south

We are lucky, because we actually have at least two drive-in movie theaters in the area! One of these is next door to the park.

I think the last movie I saw there was Van Helsing. My friend and I kept thinking the movie was going to get better, and it never did! Oh well!


8 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 10

  1. I’ve done the tourist visit to both of those sites and found them fascinating, particularly Val-Kill. Good to know there is a trail there. Next trip through the region, I will check it out.

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