Friday, June 5

I went walking with my BFF this morning at 9.15 a.m. It was mostly cloudy and in the 60s. We walked for about 50 minutes for a total of 2.77 miles. Then I went home and planted my garden (finally!). I still have a lot of cleaning up to do, but the major work is done.

Originally, I had netting around the honeysuckle, because we have so much deer (supposedly, we have the most deer for a city in our county or state – I can’t remember which!). I cut that off because I got taller poles (You can see them in the left side of the picture). I also got Liquid Fence to spray on the plants. It smells terrible, but it keeps away the deer!


Marigolds and other grasses and herbs are in the flower bed; basil, parsley, lettuce, and celery are in the pots.
The big plant in the upper right-hand corner is a honeysuckle.

I thought I had bought parlsey, until I actually planted the plant, and it turned out to be celery! (Duh!) So when I went to Home Depot to pick up some mulch, I got some parsley, too.

I also love vinca, which in New York state grows as an annual – in Maui, where my brother used to live, it grew into huge bushes! They also grow large in North Carolina, too.


I think that picture is upside-down. Oh well! LOL

My favorite part of the garden!



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