Monday, June 1

The temptation to not do anything today was great, except that I didn’t go out exercising yesterday either. Both days have been rainy, which is good because we need the rain, but it’s so cold that the heat came on (it’s JUNE 1, for pete’s sake!).

Yesterday I dropped some food off at our local SPCA and looked at the cats. Then a friend contacted me, and we went to see San Andreas in 3D (there was no need to see it in 3D; it just happened to be the show time we picked). The special effects were really cool. The “E Checking Watch” (ECW) parameter was 1 hour. That means I began checking my watch (my phone, really, which I left in my knapsack so as not to bother others) 1 hour into the movie. That’s not bad, but then the ECW increased to every 5-10 minutes before the end (mercifully, it was less than 2 hours long). After a while, it was difficult not to refer to Alexandra Daddario in my head as Ms. Boobs. I loved her in the Percy Jackson movies. But it was similar to Kate Beckingsale’s role in Van Helsing – why does the female heroine have to run around in 4-inch heels? It was sexually gratuitous to me.

So, this is today’s weather:

Outside 2015.06 01A

As you can see, it’s dark enough that my porch “Christmas” lights (which are plugged into a day/night timer) are on.

Back to my run. I went out around 12.15 p.m. It was rainy and 55°F with a humidity of 99 percent. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, at least!

I walked for 3 minutes;
(ran for 2.5 minutes, walked for 1 minute) 9 times;
ran for 3.5 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 40.5 minutes and 3.44 miles according to MapMyRun.

Run time: 26 minutes

Walk time: 14.5 minutes

Tomorrow I’m hoping to run straight through for 30 minutes. My hope is that this type of run/walk will increase my mileage and make me more able to have a good straight run. We’ll see!


2 thoughts on “Monday, June 1

  1. It’s the 2nd of June here and it’s freezing too, but this is our second day of winter. All the best for your 30 minute run. Looks like you have built up to it nicely – believe you can and your more than half way there. It’s that old self doubt that makes us stop way before our heart, lunges and legs are ready to stop 🙂

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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