Saturday, May 23

Yesterday, after I came home from my run and showered, I saw this in my back yard.


Sorry the picture isn’t very good. By the time I had grabbed my real camera (this was taken with my phone), she had gotten up and was moving away.

This morning my mother, my aunt, and I went to the Woodstock-New Paltz Arts & Crafts Fair. It’s held at the Ulster County Fairgrounds, which are right in view of the Shawangunks (most locals call them the “gunks”). Here’s a view from the parking lot.


This is a view of the Mohonk tower.


I picked up some information on hiking trails. Maybe one day I’ll run on one of them!

Today I went running around 4.15 p.m. It was a better day for running, although I’m not sure why; I didn’t sleep well again, and my diet thus far today has consisted of a peanut butter sandwich; gluten free french fries from one of the fair vendors; and a gluten free apple pie (shaped like a turnover) that I also got at the fair.

It’s sunny and 67 degrees F with a WNW wind of 8 mph and a humidity of 22 percent.

I walked for 4 minutes;
ran for 29 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 35 minutes.

Run time: 29 minutes

Walk time: 6 minutes

My upper left buttock didn’t start hurting until late in the run. I am trying the “pigeon pose” to stretch out the painful muscle until my foam roller gets here.

I hope y’all are having a great Saturday! 🙂


Looking forward to your thoughts!

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