Monday, April 27

I went running around 2.15 p.m. It was mostly cloudy to all cloudy and 60 degrees F, with some wind gusts – enough to make me wish sometimes that I had worn my long-sleeved shirt instead of my t-shirt! I tried a new route today – well, most of it was the same, but I extended it a little!

I walked for 4 minutes;
ran for 27 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 33.5 minutes.

Run time: 27 minutes

Walk time: 6.5 minutes

I love violets, especially purple ones!

From by user cooee.

From by user cooee.

I hope everyone has a nice Monday! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Monday, April 27

  1. Hi,
    1. Monday, April 27 was my birthday
    2.Thank you for visiting my site Reflections today. I am glad you liked my Stumble Upon article.
    3. You have the coolest Avatar!
    Nice to meet you.

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