Sunday, April 26

Yesterday I didn’t run. I had awoken very early, and then went to our local library’s book sale. After I came home, walked the dog, and had some lunch, I ended up taking a 2+ hour nap. C’est la vie!

I went running around 4.15 p.m. today. It was cloudy and 59 degrees F.

I walked for 4 minutes;
ran for 27 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 32 minutes.

Run time: 27 minutes

Walk time: 5 minutes

Somehow this morning I got roped into our church’s blood drive. Rather, I hadn’t intended on giving blood – I’m hypoglycemic, and I hadn’t had much for breakfast before going to church, so I was a little light headed. When I found out I couldn’t go running afterward, I apologized for wasting their time and left. The woman who was interviewing me said, “But you’ll be saving a life.” I tried to explain that running saves MY life. If I had gone running yesterday, I might have given blood. But running is the only thing that saves my sanity, especially since I don’t have a job and struggle with depression. Does anyone else feel this way?

Picture of the day (I’ve always loved forests!):

From by

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7 thoughts on “Sunday, April 26

  1. Running saves my life too!!! I completely understand. Those who don’t lace up and run don’t understand, I didn’t understand until I started running so I know where they are coming from. But as runner to runner I completely understand why you need to run – and as someone who also struggles with that black cloud I know where you are coming from (hugs) xxx

  2. Running saves my life, too! I have struggled with depression and an eating disorder in the past, and running was a huge part of my recovery. Even so many years later, it helps me when I feel like I’m slipping. I totally understand why you need to run, just as every other runner will too!

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