Saturday, April 18

I didn’t go running yesterday because … well, because. I needed a day off, and I usually listen to my body when it’s telling me that. I didn’t see my friend for walking yesterday because her brother is getting married today, so she was busy! 🙂 I’ve been praying that the weather has been nice for his wedding.

Today it is fair (mostly sunny) and 80 degrees F with a breeze. I went out around 4.30 p.m., and I ran in shorts and a tank top! It’s a sporty top that looks pretty good on since I’ve lost some weight! I don’t usually wear tight clothes for personal and health reasons, so even though the top is somewhat skimpy, it’s loose and covers everything.

It was a somewhat of a lame run, because for the first 10 minutes my running/breathing mantra was, “This is a good run,” and that got old very quickly!

I walked for 4 minutes;
ran for 26 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 31.5 minutes.

Run time: 26 minutes

Walk time: 5.5 minutes

Picture of the day!


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