Thursday, March 26

The running gods must have been smiling at me, because when I went out, it wasn’t raining. (We’re having intermittent rain today.) It began again after 20+ minutes into my run.

I went out around 1.20 p.m. It was cloudy and 47 degrees F, with a humidity of 86% and some rain.

I walked for 5 minutes;
ran for 22 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 30.5 minutes.

Run time: 22 minutes

Walk time: 8.5 minutes

The running has been going really well, although I got really tired in the middle of my run for some reason. I usually concentrate on my breathing as my mantra if something like that happens.

Picture of the day!

From by user jeanneg.

From by user jeanneg.


4 thoughts on “Thursday, March 26

  1. You are doing great! I’m in a running rut and having a hard time getting motivated. No real reason. I do some long runs on the weekend but during the week, nothing! The weather is beautiful here so no reason not to. Good for you for being so diligent! Happy Spring!

    • Thanks! I know there’s a lot going on in your life at the moment. Right now, if I don’t go running, I know it will be bad for me. That’s my main motivation. Years ago (before the Internet! LOL) I used to say, “The hardest part about running is getting your foot out the door!”

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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