Saturday, January 10

I did not want to go out today. I don’t know if it’s because I woke up late (11 a.m.!), or because it’s still cold outside, but even the switch in my head that says “You have to go!” was shut off.

I went out around 2.40 p.m. It is sunny, 22-24 degrees F, with a wind chill of 10 degrees F.

I walked for 6 minutes;
ran for 4 minutes; walked for 1 minute;
ran for 4.25 minutes; walked for .75 minutes;
ran for 4 minutes; walked for 1 minute;
ran for 4 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 30.25 minutes.

Run time: 16.25 minutes

Walk time: 14 minutes

The second run I was thinking about a website for which I volunteer to maintain when I noticed I had “run overtime,” so to speak! Since I was tired, though, I didn’t increase any other runs. And, my butt still hurts from yesterday’s walk in the snow!

I’m curious: Sometimes when I’m running, I smell what seems to be smoke from a wood/pellet-burning stove. It has a deleterious effect on my breathing – I imagine it feels somewhat like as asthmatic feels when they can’t breathe. Has anyone else experienced this?

Have a good Saturday!


10 thoughts on “Saturday, January 10

  1. I hate days when the run switch is off, always happens when I wait after the morning also. I just can’t do it if it’s too late in the day

  2. I usually smell breakfast cooking from houses and restaurants that I walk by. lol Good for you for getting out to run. I ran on the treadmill for the last few days. Tomorrow is warmer so I will do my long run outside. Great job!

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