Monday, November 24

I’m sorry my previous post was two months ago. There were a couple of things going on – namely, the company for which I worked was bought out, and we finally discovered when our last day was (officially, November 1), but that wasn’t until after Columbus Day, so we only had a couple of weeks to clean up. I basically stopped exercising for a while, but after my last day of work, I began walking again, and then running during my walk. It’s been crazy, the emotions you go through after being laid off; I had worked for the company for 24 years. I’m trying to find a job, but it’s hard. I will say the one thing I do NOT miss is the two plus hours of commuting! I also couldn’t seem to shake the slight injuries I had, and I was getting pretty frustrated with my lack of running prowess.

So today is kinda strange – it’s very warm, and they’re predicting snow for Wednesday (yuck!). At least I don’t live in Buffalo! Anyways, it’s 71 degrees F, breezy and mostly sunny, with a dew point of 61 degrees F and a humidity of 71%.

I walked for 10 minutes;
ran for 1.5 minutes; walked for 2.5 minutes;
ran for 1.5 minutes; walked for 2.5 minutes;
ran for 1.5 minutes; walked for 2.5 minutes;
ran for 1.5 minutes;
then walked home for a total of 31.5 minutes.

Run time: 6 minutes

Walk time: 25.5 minutes


4 thoughts on “Monday, November 24

  1. So, you’re pondering what next? The answer may be in your blog posts – that old trite phrase of working at what you love. It may happen for you, even if it is tangentially related. I look forward to hearing what direction your next career will take.

    • Thanks. I actually worked in publishing – to continue would require me to commute to New York City, and I’m not willing to do that (it’s too far away). Plus, I feel that the publishers are not doing enough to explore electronic publishing options. Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I’m applying for all types of things (and hopefully, it will be closer to home!). Thanks for your comment!

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