Saturday, November 9

Ugh! Does anyone have any motivational suggestions for me? I’d be so grateful! These past 3 weeks have been awful. I did have evening plans for this past Monday and Wednesday; Thursday it was raining (haven’t yet mapped out a nighttime rain route) and Friday, well, the wine tasting was calling me!

Today I began with a 6.5 minute walk; ran for 8.5 minutes; walked for 2.5 minutes; ran for 8.5 minutes; then walked home for a total of 30 minutes.

Run time: 17 minutes

Walk time: 13 minutes


2 thoughts on “Saturday, November 9

  1. The only thing that works for me is hitting the reset button, what’s gone is gone and all you can do is work on today, then just put on the shoes… Once you’ve put on the shoes you feel silly taking them off if you don’t do it.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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