Monday, October 14 …. and really, I have a great excuse!

So you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been on since Sunday, October 6. Monday (Oct. 7) was my break day. The weather also happened to be bad. Tuesday (Oct. 8) and Wednesday (Oct. 9) I was of several minds: (1) I was busy and by the time I got home, it was dark (lame); and/or (2) it was too cold (lame). Thursday I worked a half day because my husband and I had three-day passes to the New York Comic Con! Woohoo! It was our first time there. I actually saw Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, who also runs ultramarathons. Unfortunately, waiting for him to sign a book would have also been as long as an ultramarathon, so I passed. In fact, all the lines for the stars were just that–mega-long! (Not to mention that one would have to pay an addition $75 for an autograph from William Shatner.) But it was really a great experience. Here’s one of my favorite pictures:

Cosplayer - Pikachu

We did get a lot of exercise. The walk to the convention center and back was 2+ miles–not counting the other places we walked to, or the mileage we walked within the convention center itself, which is rather large (about 1/5 of a mile long). Unfortunately, I came back with a cold, but I went running anyways today since I hadn’t gone since a week ago Sunday.

I began with a 7 minute walk; then I ran for 8 minutes; walked for 3 minutes; ran for 8 minutes; then walked home for a total of 31 minutes and 31 seconds.

Run time: 16 minutes

Walk time: 15 minutes, 31 seconds


3 thoughts on “Monday, October 14 …. and really, I have a great excuse!

  1. $75 for an autography of William Shatner !!! Wow, you wouldn’t think he’d the money. I’d rather have James Spader’s autography anyway.

    • Most of the famous people charge for autographs / photo ops. In some cases, you can’t even get a glimpse of them because they are in a conference room. I guess that’s how the organization gets them there! Ridiculous, right?

  2. Yeah ridiculous and you know these famous people put their pants on one leg at a time like everyone else … The cult of celebrity has gotten so weird.

    By the way thanks for all the likes, I really appreciated them.

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