Gluten-free restaurants in Manhattan

While we were enjoying ourselves in Manhattan, we took the time to visit a couple of gluten-free restaurants:

1. Nizza Restaurant

Friday we had lunch at Nizza. It’s an Italian restaurant located on Ninth Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets. They have a nice gluten-free menu; in addition to their home-baked bread, which was served with olive oil, I had a wonderful gnocchi dish. The bread was wonderful! Yum yum! (So was the gnocchi, but it’s so rare that I can go to a restaurant and eat bread!)

2. Bloom’s Deli

We had “lunch” at Bloom’s Deli (gluten-free menu here). I say “lunch” because I aimed to get to Bloom’s on Sunday before 2 pm so I could order GF pancakes, which I haven’t had since I was re-diagnosed. Soooo yummy! Bloom’s is on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 40th Street.

There are more restaurants, of course, but we didn’t have time to visit them all!


Looking forward to your thoughts!

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