Sunday, July 28

We are at the beach in North Carolina. We used to live down here when I was a child, and have been returning (it seems like) forever.

Because I’m at the shore, and the island is flat and it can get brutally hot here, I usually go out before the sun rises. However, this morning I woke up earlier than I had intended (alarm was set for 5.20 am and I woke up at 5 am), so I tried to be leisurely about going outside. However, I was too impatient and went out. I walked for 8 minutes, and then did 4  4 minute runs (I was going to do 2  4 minute segments and 2  3 minute 45 second segments, but I couldn’t see my watch) for a total of 31 minutes.

Run/jog time: 16 minutes

Walk time: 15 minutes


Looking forward to your thoughts!

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