Saturday, July 13 (and some thoughts)

So, I’ve been reading a couple of books on running: Scott Douglas’s The Little Red Book of Running (Skyhorse Publishing) [GREAT BOOK!], and Brian Martin’s Running Technique (Amazon Digital Services) [the verdict is still out on this one].

I have been trying to increase the time of my runs (not necessarily the distance), and Scott Douglas’s book has some very good advice: Slow down. So I slowed down, and I did my 4  3.5 minute runs. So: 8 minutes of running, followed by 3 sets of 3.5 minute run and 1 minute walk, another 3.5 minute run, and then a walk all the way home for a total of 32 minutes.

Run/jog time: 14 minutes

Walk time: 18 minutes

I’ve looked at a lot of stuff online (minimalist running, Chi running, etc.), and I finally decided that I was going to run the way I normally did when I was on cross-country–good posture, loose shoulders and neck, and a little bending at the knees. It felt really good! Has anyone else struggled with all these different types of techniques?


Looking forward to your thoughts!

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